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coverSharing my personal story is a bona fide labor of love. I am revealing my authentic self in this book. I am feeling very vulnerable as I expose my whole Life to the public; but also very encouraged, that it will offer hope to someone else who is suffering alone in the darkness, like I was, to know there is a community of compassion available here in this immense world, they are not alone, and peace can absolutely be attained without belief in, or devotion to, man-made religions.


I have been there, in anguish, in the shadows, feeling alone, feeling like I was the only one who had ever gone through a colossal crisis of faith. I am here to declare, there comes an indisputable, incredible, brilliant Light after encountering a wintry ‘dark night of the soul’.


Because of our dark nights, some of the finest gifts will emerge from deep within our hearts. They are truly blessings in disguise. Our ‘dark night’ can help us awaken to the truth of who we really are. If we will let it, our dark nights can help us remember and revive the Sacred Light within us.

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